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Bulk TC

Bulk TC is a bulk timecode calculator that can add or subtract multiple SMPTE timecodes and frame counts in one go. Bulk TC is used by many professionals in the media industry as their go-to timecode calculator. Bulk TC handles the timecodes with high fault tolerance. Bulk TC ignores pasted characters not part of the timecodes.

TC Calc

TC Calc is a timecode calculator which enables you to add or subtract two different timecodes. The timecodes it processes are SMPTE-conform timecodes used in the motion picture industry. The accepted FPS are 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 DF, 30, 50, 59.94 DF and 60.

TC Convert

TC Convert converts a timecode with a given frame rate into another with a different frame rate. To use TC Convert, you first choose an input frame rate and second an output frame rate. You can either type the timecode you want to convert in or paste it from the clipboard.

TC Duration

TC Duration calculates the duration between two timecodes. The timecodes it processes must have the same frame rate (fps).

CPL Info

CPL Info shows information concerning the Composition Playlist of a Digital Cinema Package. It runs completely in your browser, no data will be uploaded!

The ADC List

The Amazing Digital Cinema (ADC) List. A curated list of resources for film technicians in the areas of mastering, delivering, archiving, and exhibiting digital film content. Hosted on GitHub.