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Just Getting Started!

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As a former film post-production company co-owner turned software developer, I am excited to briefly share my journey and future plans for this project. Since I discovered my passion for creating software, I left the post-production world to study computer science and have worked as a developer on different projects ever since. In 2018, I started AVTOOLS.IO as a side project, which has now become my full-time commitment. My goal is to continue improving this project and expanding it into a comprehensive workflow toolbox for media professionals and enthusiasts.

To achieve this goal, I want to work closely with you, the user, to better understand your needs and improve the current apps or create new ones. I believe simplicity is key to good software, and I will be cautious when adding new features, ensuring that the software remains easy to use. As AVTOOLS.IO is a Software-as-a-Service offering, I understand the importance of trust and transparency. Therefore, I have created a changelog so you can easily keep up with updates and changes.

I am excited about the future of this project, which is just getting started. I am committed to serving your needs and welcome your feedback and ideas. So feel free to contact me. I'm deeply interested in starting a conversation!