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Pushing Bulk TC Forward!

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Bulk TC got a new Round to Seconds feature, and I'm happy to tell you more about it in this post. Thanks to this new feature, you can round timecodes to time values and sum them all up. This new feature opens new possibilities, for example, in clip reporting. The default rounding method is rounding to the nearest second. Always rounding up or down are further options.

How it Works

Round your Timecodes in Calculation mode by ticking the Round to Seconds checkbox and setting a different rounding method if necessary. Add your timecodes or frame counts to the input field. Ticking the Round to Seconds checkbox reveals a secondary field named Rounded, listing all the rounded timecodes. You can easily copy the rounded timecodes from there or hit the LOG button to log your input timecodes, settings, the rounded timecodes, and the calculation result to your log, which you can copy or download as usual.

You can now use the rounded timecodes to calculate clip costs for licensing purposes. First, create and copy your rounded timecodes within the Calculation mode described in the previous section. Transition to the Cost mode. Arrived in Cost mode, adjust the Input Type setting from Timecodes or Frames to Time. Define your Price per Second. Finally, paste the previously copied rounded timecodes into the Input field.

Data Privacy

Besides this new feature, the aspect of data privacy you have using Bulk TC is worth mentioning. Bulk TC calculates all data within your browser locally on your machine and doesn't upload any data the user adds for the calculation. This approach ensures the safety of your data.


Please try this new feature in Bulk TC and share your thoughts. Your feedback is instrumental in making AVTOOLS.IO more intuitive and beneficial for all users!