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Got Subtitles? Try Subtitle Converter!

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I'm happy to release the beta version of Subtitle Converter. This web application allows you to convert and tidy SRT subtitles. It will make your life much easier, especially if you deal with cleaning subtitles and preparing them for use in other applications that do not handle SRT subtitle files directly. Whether you're preparing subtitles for AI text-to-speech applications like Kreado AI and Murf AI, word processing or spreadsheet tools, or any other platform. Subtitle Converter is here to simplify and enhance the conversion process for you. It has presets and customizable configuration settings to meet your specific needs.

One exciting feature to highlight is the application's ability to add preset-specific pause symbols, which are dynamically calculated. For instance, it can add target-specific pause symbols like ⏱️ for Kreado AI or [pause 4.2s] for a pause of 4.2 seconds between two subtitles in Murf AI, enhancing the user experience in AI text-to-speech applications.

Another good part is that Subtitle Converter runs locally in your browser, ensuring your data's privacy. You no longer have to worry about your sensitive information being uploaded online. The service guarantees the safety and security of your data while providing a genuinely useful service.

But that's not all! Subtitle Converter also lets you preview your input data and the corresponding output to ensure everything is perfect. Once satisfied, you can save your output as a text file for future reference. If you need to start over, the reset option clarifies your settings, input, and output data.

However, please note that Subtitle Converter is in its beta phase. It is free for you to use and test out. However, it will become a paid service once it transitions to the production phase. As I continue to improve Subtitle Converter, I am open to your suggestions. Please let me know if you have any feature requests for a specific platform or use case. Your feedback is priceless and will help develop and evolve the application!

Now, please head over to Subtitle Converter and try it. I'm eager to hear your feedback.

Until next time, keep innovating and creating!