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Bulk TC

Bulk TC is a bulk timecode calculator. It can work with multiple timecodes and frame counts and therefore is a real time-saver. Because of this, many media professionals use it as their go-to timecode calculator. For more info, please read the description below.

00:00:00:00 @24fps, 0 frames

Bulk TC is a bulk timecode calculator that can add or subtract multiple timecodes and frame counts. The timecodes it works with are SMPTE-conform timecodes or simple frames counts. First, to use Bulk TC, you have to choose your timecodes' frame rate (defaults to 24 FPS). Second, you have to decide if Bulk TC shall add or subtract the timecodes (defaults to addition). Suppose you chose subtraction, the order of the timecodes matter. In general, the timecodes below are deducted from the timecodes above. On subtraction, total negative timecodes are not allowed. If Bulk TC adds the timecodes, the maximum timecode is 23:59:59:FF, while FF is your chosen FPS - 1, e.g. if your FPS is 24, then your maximum timecode is 23:59:59:23. Staying with our 24 FPS example, the total frame count would be, therefore, 2073599 frames.

The timecodes or frame counts you input for calculation should be inputted line-by-line. Comma-separated timecodes or frame counts will not work. You can mix timecodes and frame counts in a calculation run, no need to use either one or the other. Timecodes with leading zeros are allowed as well. In general, Bulk TC handles the timecodes and frame counts you input into the text field with high fault tolerance and ignores characters not part of the timecode or frame count. Just try it out; if something goes wrong, Bulk TC will inform you about the error in the result section.

Also, Bulk TC has a sophisticated logger that hides behind the button LOG and opens a log window as soon as you hit the button. The log button is inactive in the beginning and actives if values are entered or copy-pasted into the text field. If you log a calculation, Bulk TC logs not only the output but also the inputs. Furthermore, you can log multiple runs in one log, just hit the log button each time. If you want to export your log, you can either copy it to the clipboard with the button named COPY or download it as a text file with the button DOWNLOAD. Hitting the button RESET will clear the log, but not your inputs.