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EDL Converter


Convert EDL files to CSV. Inspect EDL event summaries. Copy cells, rows, and columns with ease. Browser-based, no data uploaded.

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What is EDL Converter and how to use it?

Currently in its beta phase, EDL Converter is an innovative tool transforming how you interact with edit decision list (EDL) files. As its features and functionality refinement continue, your feedback is invaluable. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, future versions of EDL Converter will provide enhanced editing, checking, and fixing capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for all your EDL-related needs. Once the EDL Converter transitions from its beta phase into production, it will shift to a paid service. Until then, users can use it free of charge.

Using EDL Converter begins by selecting the appropriate frame rate for your EDL file. Ensuring the selected frame rate and the EDL file contents align is crucial. Opening your EDL file initiates viewing the contents of your EDL, opening the door to an insightful exploration of your data. Upon opening your EDL file, the Converter springs into action, presenting you with two tables. The first is a summary table of all reels, providing a concise overview. The second is a detailed table of each EDL event, allowing a deep dive into individual elements.

The tool's copy-and-paste functionality is designed for both precision and flexibility. To copy specific table fields, hover over a field and click. To copy an entire column, hover over the column name and click. If you want to copy a complete row, hover over a field in the first column and click. To copy the entire table, hover over the first column's name and click. The fields that will be copied are highlighted on hover. In addition to its viewing and copying capabilities, EDL Converter also serves as a conversion tool. With a click of the "Generate CSV file" button, you can consolidate both tables into a single CSV file for easy data manipulation and analysis. And if you wish to start over or clear out your workspace, the "Clear" button is there to wipe all data, providing a clean slate for your following EDL file.

A key emphasis of EDL Converter is its ability to open, view, and convert EDL files easily. It's designed to streamline your workflow, reduce manual effort, and ensure a reliable and efficient EDL management process. These features and its emphasis on data privacy assurance make EDL Converter a go-to tool for a seamless and secure EDL handling experience. Remember, your feedback is very much appreciated on this beta version, as it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of EDL Converter.