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TC Calc


Simple timecode calculator that adds or subtracts timecodes.

What is TC Calc and how to use it?

TC Calc is a timecode calculator which enables you to add or subtract two different timecodes. The timecodes it processes are SMPTE-conform timecodes used in the motion picture industry. TC Calc works with timecodes of different frame rates per second (FPS). The accepted FPS are 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 DF, 30, 48, 50, 59.94 DF and 60. The DF-suffix on 29.97 and 59.94 mean drop-frame and indicate that those two timecodes use the drop-frame method for showing timecodes. All other FPS choices use non-drop-frame timecodes (NDF).

But what are DF timecodes? Easy, drop-frame timecodes don't skip actual frames as the name might suggest. They rather skip the first two frame counts in the timecode on the first second in each minute, but not if the minute count is divisible by ten. The usage of TC Calc is quite simple and follows easy steps. First, you choose the desired FPS your calculations should take place (defaults to 24 FPS). Second, you can choose to add two timecodes or subtract one timecode from the other (defaults to addition). If you have selected the subtract method, TC Calc subtracts the timecode above from the timecode below. As the third step, you fill in the two timecodes. As you will notice, TC Calc is very reactive and immediately shows results while you type in the timecodes. You can copy and paste the timecode into the timecode fields as well.

Furthermore, suppose you typed in values that are not allowed in the timecode. In that case, TC Calc will highlight the corresponding element of the concerning timecode and inform you what went wrong by showing you an info text in the result section, describing the problem. If your timecode calculation succeeds, TC Calc will show you a result in the result section. The results consist of three elements: the result timecode, the used frame rate, and the frame count of the timecode result. You can copy the result to your clipboard by clicking on the button named COPY. If you want to reset your timecode entries, hit the button called RESET.