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TC Convert


Simple timecode frame rate converter.

What is TC Convert and how to use it?

TC Convert is a frame rate conversion calculator. It converts a timecode with a given frame rate into another timecode with a different frame rate. To use TC Convert, you first choose an input frame rate and second an output frame rate. You then can input a timecode with an FPS corresponding to the input frame rate. You can choose between the following frame rates: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 DF, 30, 48, 50, 59.94 DF and 60 FPS. TC Convert produces SMPTE-conform timecodes. You can either type the timecode you want to convert in or paste it from the clipboard into the timecode field of TC Convert.

TC Convert offers two conversion modes: Duration-Preserving (default) and Frame-Preserving. Duration-Preserving aims to maintain the original duration during frame rate conversion, with minor time length variations due to frame rounding. "Frame-Preserving" keeps the original frame count intact, which may change the time duration.

If you convert from a timecode with a higher FPS to a lower FPS, your timecode gets longer and shorter if you do the opposite. If you convert your input timecode into a timecode with a lower FPS rate and your output timecode reaches the 24 hours mark, the resulting output timecode will be wrong. Therefore, timecodes you convert into shall never exceed 23:59:59:FF, where FF stands for the frames corresponding to your chosen FPS rate.

On the occasion of an error, there will be some information in the result section pointing to that error. To copy your result to the clipboard, just hit the button COPY. If you want to reset your calculation, click the reset button named RESET. Each timecode result consists of three elements: the timecode, the timecode's FPS, and the timecode's frame count.