Photo of Alexis Michaltsis

Alexis Michaltsis


Alexis is a passionate software developer and media technology enthusiast, focusing on creating applications using web technologies. He founded CineLexi in 2018, which he rebranded as AVTOOLS.IO in 2022. On AVTOOLS.IO, users can find free and paid tools for audio, video, and film production. These tools are designed to assist in various media workflow tasks. For example, Bulk TC a popular timecode calculator among media professionals.

As a former film post-production company operator turned software developer, Alexis has firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by professionals in the industry. He values software design simplicity and places great importance on understanding the different use cases of his customers. Trust, transparency, and dialogue are all vital to him. He welcomes feedback and is always open to chat. With a genuine blend of professional experience and personal enthusiasm, his journey in software and media technology continues to evolve, driven by his desire to innovate and serve the needs of his customers.