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TC Duration


Simple timecode duration calculator.

What is TC Duration and how to use it?

TC Duration is an online tool designed to calculate the duration between two timecodes. The timecodes it processes must have the same frame rate per second (fps). To utilize this tool, first select the appropriate fps, followed by entering the "Start" and "End" timecodes. Depending on the use case, users may define the duration scope differently. Therefore the "Scope" feature allows users to choose whether to exclude or include the last frame, corresponding to the "End" value. By default, "Scope" is set to exclude the last frame because this is the most common use case.

Once the second timecode is entered, the result is automatically calculated. In case of any calculation errors, TC Duration will notify you. To copy the calculated result to your clipboard, click the "COPY" button. If you wish to reset the tool, press the "RESET" button. Each resulting timecode consists of three components: the timecode itself, the fps of the timecode, and the frame count of the timecode.