Bulk TC Duration

The Duration mode provides a bulk timecode duration calculator.


In Duration mode, you can calculate the duration between multiple timecode or frame count pairs. In the beginning, set the frame rate of the source material and then paste or type a list of start timecodes or frame rates. After that, paste or type a second list of end timecodes or frame rates. Bulk TC will then calculate and show the durations as a list of timecodes. Depending on the use case, users may define the duration scope differently. Therefore the Scope feature allows users to choose whether to exclude or include the last frame, corresponding to the End value. By default, Scope is set to exclude the last frame because this is the most common use case.

What is Bulk TC?

The go-to bulk timecode calculator of many media professionals. Bulk TC provides six versatile modes for comprehensive batch timecode processing and helps you save countless hours on your timecode tasks. Bulk TC is a batch timecode calculator app suite that handles arrays of timecodes and related values. It offers six distinct modes: Calculator, Converter, Cost, Duration, Interval, and Shifter. Dive into the Calculator mode to seamlessly add or subtract timecodes, or explore the Converter mode to transform timecodes into various formats. Gauge project expenses effortlessly with the Cost mode, calculate durations between multiple timecode pairs in the Duration mode, or shift an array of timecodes by a certain amount with the Shifter mode. A further standout feature of Bulk TC is its user-friendly logger available in each mode, enabling users to easily log and copy or download their calculations and the resulting outputs. Bulk TC works with SMPTE-compliant timecodes. The frame rate options marked with DF use drop-frame timecodes. All other frame rates use non-drop-frame (NDF) timecodes. Bulk TC is completely browser-based. No user data is uploaded to the Internet. For a better understanding of the different modes Bulk TC has to offer, please browser through the different modes via the Mode select menu.