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Aspect Ratio Calculator


This free tool calculates aspect ratios & lets you visually understand & showcase how your images & videos display across different devices.

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    • Online Service (Web App)
    • Calculation By (Preset, Width and Height)
    • Presets (SD, HD, UHD, DCI 2K, DCI 4K, Social Media)
    • Fit Image to Container (Width or Height (No Crop), Width and Height, Width, Height, No Scaling)
    • Max Width or Height Input Value (9,007,199,254,740,991 px)
    • Import Custom Images
    • Import Image Formats (AVIF, JPG, PNG, SVG, WEBP)
    • Edit Watermark
    • Remove Watermark
    • Export Result as Image
    • Export Image Formats (PNG, SVG)
    • Export Image Scale (100 %)
    • Max Export Image Size (8,192 x 8,192 px)
    • Privacy Friendly (No User Data Upload)
How to use the Aspect Ratio Calculator?

This Aspect Ratio Calculator is a free online tool for improving image, video, and film aspect ratio (AR) handling. This free tool operates entirely within the user's browser, ensuring that no calculation data is uploaded to the internet, thereby maintaining user privacy and data security.

This innovative tool revolutionizes how you work with aspect ratios for images and videos. The Aspect Ratio Calculator is adept at calculating aspect ratios for media and illustrates these calculations using example images. These images display embedded values, demonstrating how media conforms to various aspect ratios. The tool is akin to a digital canvas, allowing the entry of custom dimensions for both the canvas (aka display, screen, container) and the image, thus offering a tailored and flexible approach to media formatting.

The calculator is designed to cater to diverse needs, making it versatile and user-friendly. It supports various formats, including High Definition, Ultra High Definition, Digital Cinema, Standard Definitions, and Social Media formats, and features presets for quick and easy access. The detailed results provided by the app include the canvas size, the aspect ratio of the container, and the size and aspect ratio of your image. It also details how the image fits within the canvas, indicating whether it's scaled to width or height without cropping. Furthermore, the app offers specifics on scaling dimensions and types, including the sizes of letterboxes and pillarboxes, where applicable. This thoroughness in the results ensures you and the people you work with clearly understand how your image or video will be displayed in different contexts. Your user feedback is welcome and invaluable in refining and improving the app's features.