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Subtitle Converter


Clean and convert SRT subtitles. Choose from different presets. Comes with a result preview. Browser-based, no data uploaded.

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What is Subtitle Converter and how to use it?

Subtitle Converter is a web application currently in its beta phase, designed to respect your data privacy by functioning solely within your browser. It ensures the confidentiality and security of your information by not uploading any data to the internet and keeping everything on your device. This versatile tool simplifies the conversion process for many use cases, such as cleaning SubRip SRT subtitle files (.srt) and preparing those subtitles for AI text-to-speech applications like Kreado AI and Murf AI, as well as word processing and spreadsheet software. Currently, the service is free of charge, but it will become a paid service once it transitions out of its beta phase and into production.

Subtitle Converter currently offers five presets, each tailored to suit specific needs:

The "Remove Styling" preset is like a broom for your SRT subtitle files — it sweeps away all subtitle layout stylings, such as bold or italic text, custom font definitions, and colorized text. It also removes Advanced Substation Alpha (ASS) styling tags so that a raw, unstyled SRT subtitle file remains.

The "Extract Text as Block" preset simplifies the process of isolating text from the complexity of additional elements, presenting it as an easy-to-read block.

The "Extract Text with Sections" preset provides more structure by breaking the text down into clearly delineated sections, making it easier to navigate through the file.

The "Convert to Kreado AI" preset optimizes your workflow for AI text-to-speech. It calculates the duration between two subtitles and adds clock symbols ⏱️ so that Kreado AI adds a pause. Each pause symbol equals a 0.5-second pause in Kreado AI, the minimal pause length interval in Kreado AI.

The "Convert to Murf AI" preset adjusts the format to fit Murf AI requirements, including the addition of pause intervals between two subtitles, expressed in the form of [pause 4.2s] for a 4.2-second pause, for instance. The minimal pause interval length in Murf AI is 0.1 seconds.

Beyond its conversion capabilities, Subtitle Converter offers features like data preview, output saving as a text file, and a reset option for a clean slate start. As the application continues to evolve, it strives to accommodate more use cases. Feel free to request features for specific use cases, as your input is valuable in contributing to the ongoing refinement and evolution of the application.